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We are one of the service providers in Ohio and one of the best in the nation. We’re striving to make lives better by keeping people safe, protecting valuable assets, and providing great jobs.

We have a combined 40 years of overall security experience.

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At GT Security, we provide an array of customized commercial security solutions for several issues, including monitoring and alarm verification.


Warehouses are built with wide open spaces. Loading and unloading can create many opportunities for burglary and vandalism.


GT provides industrial’s security. Working with a goal to mitigate all security violations and to discourage theft, vandalism, graffiti and loitering.


You can have access to many security plans that ensure complete security for your guests while easily working within your budget.


GT provides industrial’s security. Working with a goal to mitigate all security violations and to discourage theft, vandalism, graffiti and loitering.


They are able to handle all of the security for the entire community. From the entry gates to helping with emergencies in the neighbourhood.

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GT Security, Inc. is one of the best and highest quality security guard services firms in the nation.

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We stood by our value and firm structure of protecting lives and properties and over the years, we keep our integrity in acute delivery of service at any duty post.


Keeping the interest of the people and facilities in mind, our management team provides proactive solutions to meet any challenges with speed, decisiveness and quality resolution.​


We are always sensitive and alert to the surroundings and constantly stay focused and avoid distraction; we observe things that could put lives in jeopardy to ensure the security of those we protect.


Our security guards are honest. They are responsible for securing access to properties, lives and protect against theft and other crimes.


We train our guards to use any latest technology, our guards are updated with the use and application of new technology released.


Our clients can be rest assured of our competency to meet up with the given task, this distinct us from others. We are details oriented as we perform a lot of task by serving clients on their instructions.

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