Commercial Security


Auto Dealership

Auto dealerships are susceptible to inventory theft, property damage and unwanted intruders. Auto dealerships handle expensive merchandise, Budgets are low, crime is up, and the difficulty of securing an auto dealership is more complicated . GT Security have capable trained security guards in auto dealership security.aut


The success of your casino is highly dependent on your integrity. The actual and perceived quality and effectiveness of your security protection is paramount. Our expertise, GT Security will assess, customise, develop and enforce the most ideal and cost-effective security procedures tailored for your establishments.

Construction Site

Security protection for construction sites is a necessity in these times. Secure your construction site with GT Security Guards, who are highly-trained and experienced. Based on your directives and our expertise, GT Security will assess, customize, develop and enforce the most ideal and cost-effective security procedures.

Corporate & Office Building

Corporate & Office buildings are prime targets to the break-ins, theft and vandalism. Proper security management is a must. GT Security guards have experience to solve these problems. We have extensive experience in providing top-notch Corporate & Office building security guards.

Retail & Shopping Centers

Shoplifting and employee theft are a serious issue for retail shop owners. Thieves and unscrupulous employees can eat away at the profit margins of a retail business. GT SECURITY also becomes more concerned and extremely vigilant about security in businesses. Our guards also play an important role in protecting valuables.

Warehouse & Distribution

Warehouses are built with wide open spaces to house equipment and materials. Loading and unloading requires wide gates and docks that can create many opportunities for burglary and vandalism. No warehouse can be left vulnerable to thieves. The quality and professionalism of GT SECURITY guard are the answer.

High Rise Buildings

GT Security is a leading provider of security personnel which help a broad range of corporate, government and high profile clientele to protect their people, assets and reputations. We understand the threats and vulnerabilities facing our clients and design customized, cost effective risk mitigation programs.

Grocery & Supermarkets

Grocery & Supermarket are a magnet for thieves. They come in different sizes; from the large Grocery & Supermarket to the smallest strip-supermarket. Parking lots become the perfect arena for criminals to pursue their violent deeds.GT Security is the perfect solution. Our staff is well trained and professional.

Financial Institution

GT SECURITY is committed to provide the safest environment possible for financial institutions. Unfortunately wherever money is transacted in a visible context, it becomes a temptation for thieves and criminals. Our security guards and are trained to detect and whenever possible foil any attempts by robbers before the crime is committed.