Corporate & Office buildings are prime targets to the break-ins, theft, vandalism and even sexual assaults. Proper security management is a must. GT Security guards have experience and knowledge to solve these particular problems.  We have extensive experience in providing top-notch Corporate & Office building security guards. Serving clients since 2005, GT Security is your trusted source for all your business and office building security guards services in Columbus, Ohio.


We know that your venue requires security officers that will appropriately represent you and can be knowledgeable and friendly while maintaining a professional demeanor.  Moreover, the presence of professional security officer like ours makes the employees feel safe, which is crucial for companies that rent an office.  Our Corporate & office building security guards are highly trained, licensed and bonded.

Professional Duties of security officer can vary, but some of the most common are:

  • Observes and reports any incidentwhich may result in loss or damage to property or equipment, or endanger the safety of employees, residents and visitors;
  • Guards buildings, grounds and parking areas at an assigned State facility;
  • Staffs a watch post and performs periodic rounds inside and outside State facilities;
  • Performs key tours and building checks Directs traffic and controls parking;
  • Maintains logs for visitors and other personnel;
  • Raises and lowers flags;
  • Enforces specified agency regulations;
  • Can operate institutional and office building, alarm and fire-fighting equipment;
  • Performs other related duties.
  • Has an ability to courteously and effectively deal with persons of diverse backgrounds;


We understand that a security officer is a face of your company, that is why, Corporate & Office Building Security guards  are specifically selected for their people skills and then trained to provide security in different high-rises or plazas. In addition to their regular duties security officers can: keep an eye on if fire door is blocked, provide first aid in case of injuries, form part of evacuation teams and much more.


If you find yourself needing the most comprehensive Corporate & Office building professional security guards around, contact us.


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