TACNEX Basketweave Duty Belt w/Hook Lining 2″ Police Law Enforcement Duty Belts w/ 4 Belt Keepers 1.5″ Reversible Inner Belt


  • This police leather duty belt is lined with Hard Velcro Hook and constructed with high quality leather material for added strength and stability. This belt has a full-length hook lining on the inside and is designed to be worn with an inner belt that has a soft Velcro loop on the outside. When you take off the outer belt after get off work, the under belt still works like any other ordinary belt, and its outer side is loop which will not stick to your clothes and interior fabric of the car.
  • 2-inch-wide. Durable & long-lasting leather features an interior polymer stiffener that maintains the belt’s rigid shape while evenly distributing weight when weighed down by pistol, radio, handcuff, flashlight, key clip, gloves, mag pouches, weapon holsters and other EDC essential gear/holder. Leather material was soft and pliable, allowing for a comfortable fit even during extended periods of wear. Professional & polished look contributed to a commanding and authoritative presence.
  • Easily Adjust the Size with the velcro closure on both end of the belt. You need only loosen the Velcro tabs on the inside of the belt, put them back through the buckle, then remold it to the buckle. It is a stiff belt so it takes a little bit of squishing to remold the new position of the belt to the buckle. Pro Secure UTX Triple Retention Buckle for added extra security from inadvertent release, shatter-resistant. Release this buckle by pressing the middle button first, then the top & bottom.
  • TACNEX duty belt is reliable&professional enough for any law enforcement or security. It’s primary used for policemen, policewomen, cop, security guard, correctional officer, armed guard, sheriff, public safety professionals, and beginner for police academ training so that they can be prepared in an instant and easy access to all work tools. We also provide 4 heavy duty leather belt keepers with double copper snaps for you to fasten the inner belt or hold other gears.
  • Available in size S(26″-29″); M(30″-34″); L(35″-38″); XL(39″-42″); XXL(43″-47″), XXXL(48″-52″). Package comes with 1 * Outer Belt(2″ wide), 1 * Inner Belt(1.5″ wide), 4 Belt Keepers + 2 Leather Loops for Outer Belt. Note: Use actual measurements and not pant size when picking your belt size. If you measurement in-between sizes, round up to the larger size.

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